Jimmy Mukibii Tailor

Jimmy Mukibii is a 13-year-old resident of Mbale, Uganda, who found his passion in tailoring, a trade that runs through his family right from his grandfather Jimmy Mukibii once a professional tailor in Mbale in 1990s. The young Mukibii says his tailoring craft is inborn and has made their clan popular.

Credit: Daily Monitor Uganda

About Me!

My Name: Jimmy Mukibii

My Country and City: Uganda , Mbale

My Family

My Dreams:

About My Business

What My Business Produces: Tailoring Service

My Business Name: Mukibii Tailors

How Many We Employ: Family

Are we profitable?: Yes


About Jimmy Mukibii’s Tailor Business

Tell us about yourself?
My name is Jimmy Mukibii, a 13-year- old and I am in Primary Seven at Ebeneza Primary School, Nkoma in Mbale District. I love tailoring just like my grandfather did. My father is a tailor too.

What can you make?
I sew different kinds of clothing such as shirts, and dresses, among others. I also do overlock and fixing old clothes.

Where do you do the sewing from?
Our workplace is located behind Republic Street in Mbale District.

When did you start tailoring?
I started doing this in 2017 when I was in Primary Four. I was 10-years-old.

Was it easy to learn tailoring?
It was not so easy but I got all the help I needed from my daddy. He was also taught by his father, my grandfather whom many know as Jimmy Mukiibi.

How long did you take to learn the art?
It took me one year to learn how to do overlocking of all types of clothes. By overlocking, I mean sewing the edges of clothes for seaming so that it can look beautiful and last long without threads showing. Making clothes was easier and I learnt in less than six months. It involves knowing the design, cutting and sewing, which is a bit easier.

How does it feel to be doing what your forefather did?
It feels so nice and has made us popular in our clan. It has also kept us united with our relatives.

What has been your most memorable garment?
My most memorable garment is the first shirt I made after learning. I chose a beautiful design. I still love it and it enticed me to mainly make men’s shirts.

What other clothing do you make?

I make most of the clothes but it’s only the trousers that are somehow tricky but am struggling so hard to learn how to make them and I am sure by the end of this month I will be perfect.

Any challenges so far?

No, I do not have any challenges because I have people around me directing me, including my father. He does the bargaining and I concentrate on sewing.

Do you earn from it?

My daddy handles the financial part and pays my school fees and medication, among others.

What do you want to be in future?

I want to be a designer and I look up to Charles Ras Kasozi, one of the Ugandan best fashion designers.

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